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"My name is Susan Jallo and I am 26 years old. Since I could remember, I have always been an athlete. Growing up I played soccer, basketball, gymnastics, track,volleyball and softball. As I got older I continued to play softball and got a scholarship to play for the University of Tampa. Softball was always something that I considered my getaway. It was where I got my peace and happiness even though it took a lot of work and practice, it was something I loved playing, so I knew I needed some kind of hobby to do aside of work. After I graduated I decided to compete for fun, starting with figure and moving on to bikini. I definitely enjoyed it but decided I want to look in good or great shape but not really compete because I run one of my family businesses and my focus on work has to come first. However, I still  train and eat healthy on a daily basis. I'm  the type of person where I will give 100% in everything I do or I just won't do it.


My drive and worth ethic in sports, school, work and everyday life is something I take pride in and always will. So that is why I want to continue finding a way to look in great shape while working 6 days a week and living a normal healthy lifestyle without killing myself with the whole competing lifestyle. This also is very hard for me because after competing I do question my body a lot and I feel like I'm never in good enough shape. So this is a time of my life where it has been a mental struggle for me that I am trying to overcome."




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