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"Epiphany, a moment in time that we realize what we once thought was impossible is now in our reach. For some it takes days and months to get there, for others years. No matter how long it took you, now you are here, you are ready to unleash your full potential driven by the right reasons, by human emotion. For myself, having been in the fitness industry for 15 years taught me a lot. Fitness allowed me to push through low points, to break down mentally and physically only to rebuild better and stronger.

  One of my biggest downfalls was wasting the opportunities that were given to me in the past, it would almost seem like I would purposely self destruct. A quality that is good and bad at the same time, a quality that I had to build things from ground up to create a good foundation. When I realized one of my biggest downfalls was to go back and build things from ground up, I started using this downfall as a powerful tool. We all subconsciously self destruct at times, but epiphany is all about rising back up this one last time for good and face our true potential with no fear.  I have thought my self and trained my emotions this way and will use this experience to my best ability to inspire others to face their own best versions."


Melih F. Cologlu


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