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I'm 28 years old and I started fitness / bodybuilding when I was 20. Prior to this I did not have the best start in life, my mother was a single parent and has a mental health illness which meant I was sometimes in foster care or care of other family members. I grew up in the wrong crowd of people and was smoking and drinking at a young age and doing other things that I shouldn't of been doing. I had always dreamt of becoming a bodybuilder as a child I remember watching the wrestling and wanting to be like Hulk Hogan. I decided moving away from my old surroundings was the best way to make a change. Fitness/bodybuilding has changed my life and made me very confident and outgoing the complete opposite to what I used to be.

I remember looking through men's fitness magazine  and seeing a

Grenade advertisement and saying to myself I want to look like them.

Since then I've chased that dream and won my pro card with the wbff which has been one of my proudest moments. I've had lots of professional photo shoots and worked with some very talented people within the fitness industry. There has also been lots of lows along my journey lots of proposals such as sponsorship and jobs and photoshoots that have not come through which left me feeling very low at the time as these have all been dreams of mine.
I have a very positive outlook on life and feel very lucky to have everything I have. I still have lots of goals I wish to accomplish and I won't stop until I achieve them.




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