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I never lived up to my athletic potential.  Even though I was able to do more pullups then anybody in my elementary school or was impossible to catch during flag football.  I played soccer at the age of 5 for a season and football when I was 9.  Most days after school I would just come home and watch cartoons while eating a TV dinner or go outside and play like most kids did back then.  My favorite cartoons were: The Simpsons, Rugrats, Ninja Turtles and few others. 


When I was 10 or 11 I was introduced to skateboarding.  It became an important and exhilarating part of my life.  It became my identity actually.  All day I would dream of skating and how I wanted to be a pro.  Much like fitness it became my lifestyle.  From watching skate videos to magazines, it was my life and I became pretty good considering my age.


The summer before high school I was already smoking cigarettes and entered the “party stage”.  I was introduced to drugs and alcohol.  That led me down faster than a ski jump.  From then on up until 22 years old I was very lost and looked like death.  At times I only weighed 110lbs.  I went to multiple treatment centers and detox centers with no attainment. When God saw it fit for me, I cleaned up my life the end of 2008 and moved to South Florida.  Little did I know I was going to get rocketed into a 4th dimension of existence.


            In Florida I made a few friends who became very close.  Some of them went to the gym religiously.  Them being my motivation, I got tired of being the way I was and I got my gym membership in August of 2009.  I signed up at the LA Fitness in Boca.  I was so weak that I couldn’t even bench press 135lbs one time.  I didn’t let that stop me but motivate me.  My whole life changed.  Once I started seeing progress in the mirror it fueled me to push harder and harder.  I was moved to live a healthier and fit lifestyle.  I am now a men’s physique competitor and love what I do. I own a business which can be stressful but rewarding.  I try to be a healthy example to my employees through my actions. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Melissa. Her being into fitness is a big part of me staying fit.  She pushes me to be the best man I can without even knowing it. 


I love to help others and see them succeed.  That is why I love being a part of such a great brand like Epiphany Lifestyle.  Just by living a certain way I can be an example and inspiration to others.  For that I am grateful.  God has blessed me beyond belief.  I live a life beyond my wildest dreams.  

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