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"My vision for achieving the ultimate success in life is actually pretty simple, not easy...but simple. To me, the ultimate success that I can achieve is to be able to create (and maintain) the best version of myself possible.
I believe we are all blessed with different gifts, but it is our duty to really identify those gifts, and then share those gifts with the world.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old...selling headbands and bracelets that I made at, gulp, church. From there, I went on to have a bookmark business with a friend when I was 12, a babysitting business when I was 13, a children's summer day camp when I was 15, etc. I also held jobs through employers, but my personal drive always showed up when it was my own idea, with no one telling me how to do things.

I was always trying to do something and as I evolved as a person, I simply moved along to the next project to pursue. I am widely creative and when I get a new idea, I need to pursue it. I also pursue every opportunity that comes my way...every single one! Maybe that's my free-spirit side coming out, I believe every circumstance will grow me as a person, so I try everything.

I am sure a big part of this drive to be a strong and very independent woman stems from watching my parents go through a very sad divorce,...and how I watched my mom have to hustle every day with us four small (and crazy!) kids.

Despite my many successes, I've also had failures that have knocked me down so much I didn't even want to get out of bed. I owned a business when I was in my mid-twenties that was so stressful and such a nightmare that for 2 years, I would literally pray daily that God would allow my life to be taken in a car accident. Extreme, but I just couldn't handle the daily horrible events surrounding that business that I had to deal with. Once I bounced back (which took a long time) I got my fire back. However I also gained a new sense of my definition of "personal success". Success took on a whole new meaning. For me to wake up filled with passion, love, purpose and extreme faith in God (even on hard days) and to still push to be my best is my real definition of success.

I was able to look back with a new understanding of those stinky few years and I learned the importance of being strong enough to stick it out and follow through on things...but even more importantly be strong enough to know WHEN TO WALK AWAY. Stopping something that isn't right for you is not failure at all, it is the opposite. Knowing when to move along is actually strength in knowing exactly who you are...that was my true epiphany.

This is a big lesson I learned during these rough few years.

When I look back over my life as a whole, I have a lot of pain in my life, many heartbreaking events, especially as a child. However, through each event I saw my strength. I saw what I could overcome, and that gave me a confidence and  sense of self-love that is unbreakable.


I've always known I wanted a unique life, a life totally outside of the box and out of the norm. I have a never ending desire to work and to dream huge visions, but as great as money is, the only time I truly feel successful is when I am at the best version of myself. Meaning I am good to myself, exercising consistently, eating well and taking time to "feed my soul" me, THAT is success.


This concept intensified the second my son came into this world. He is now 4 and because of him, I want to be even better at everything I do, because now I have little eyes watching me...mimicking me.
My journey in fitness is always evolving. I LOVE to workout, I LIVE to workout. Besides being with my son, my favorite part of every day is when I get to exercise. I may not be a bikini competitor. I may not be a model. But I feel like a FREAKIN' rockstar every time I step foot into the gym! :) I am so proud to be a part of this team and to have helped develop this brand...this lifestyle"

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