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Melih F. Cologlu

Founder and CEO

Ashley Pecchia-Cologlu

Co-Founder and COO

About the Company

Epiphany, a moment in time that we realize what we once thought was impossible is now in our reach. For some it takes days and months to get there, for others years. No matter how long it took you, now you are here, you are ready to unleash your full potential driven by the right reasons, by human emotion.
Through being in the fitness industry for the past 15 years my wife and I have taken on different ventures, but we've always found ourselves coming back to the very thing we love the most, inspiring others and creating that spark to help others start their own journeys, unleash their full potential, and face the best version of themselves.

Everything we've done to this point is what has brought us where we are right now, in a position to inspire a limitless amount of people which is always going to be our #1 priority and we've created the highest quality tools and gear based upon our personal experience to help you reach your best version through this journey. 

The Creative Design Team

Meet our contributors...

Youssaf Souror

Youssaf is from Egypt with 10 years experience as a Graphic Designer.

He looks forward to working on new ideas in this business and loves taking on projects that challenge him.

Brian Imkne

Graphic Design

Photo Design

Video Design

Scott Albano

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